5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Native Ads

Everything You Need To Know

Are your video marketing efforts keeping your company a step ahead of your competitors? For example, I know of a few Portland agencies that say, Okay let’s put all of our money into this next trade show and scramble up some meetings and dinners, and try to pick up some people that way.” There is no comprehensive view on how to do business development.

This all makes it natural to skip over Promoted Tweets and direct response ads that blend into Twitter at a time when mobile advertisers are increasingly looking to momentarily dominate people’s attention with full-screen video ads like on Snapchat and Instagram.

Google, which runs the popular advertising platform for brands known as AdWords, currently dominates the online digital advertising market in India with a majority share, followed by Facebook, according to several experts tracking the sector and media buyer estimates.

Being that I am extremely visual and both of my other businesses are also very focused on the visual aspects, Pinterest is a big traffic driver for me. Not only does it get more traffic, it also does a great job at extending brand awareness and engagement.

On the other hand, there’s a greater chance that you have engaged in social marketing on Facebook today – perhaps without even knowing it. If you’ve liked a friend’s comment about a brand, checked in at a restaurant, joined an event or used an app, you’ve actually acted both as the advertiser for a business as well as the ad recipient.

So with these two sites doing it well, so far, Pinterest announced that they too will be boarding the advertising train Effective October 19th (yesterday) Pinterest will now start showing promoted pins based on your pins and brands you have shown interest in. And with the changes that Pinterest has made with layout over the last few months, the promoted posts won’t be glaring or annoying – at least that’s what they’re banking on.

Bare Minerals recently ran a Snap Ads campaign, read about that hereUpdate in January 2017: Snapchat launched new ads allowing you to deeplink, which means you can send users from Snapchat to somewhere outside the app (i.e. you can drive users to download an app, go to a website, etc.). This is an extremely valuable new feature.

However, it is also the most cost-effective and financially rewarding advertising tool available today.Advertising Web Service enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from exposure on Google, driving a virtually limitless number of potential customers to your website daily.

Whether it is the promotional drawstring bag that your kids are wearing, the customized t-shirt that you exercise in, or the personalized pen on your desk, branded promotional products provide name recognition advertising for all types of businesses.

Also in November , Instagram added the ability to mention others in Instagram Stories, incorporate it’s fun little GIF app, Boomerang into Stories and, in an even bigger advancement which hasn’t gotten much buzz (for some unknown reason), introduced direct shopping through Instagram.

Often we can identify the direct advertising prompt (a particular advert, leaflet, mailshot, etc) which causes a customer to buy, but before this there could be several different ‘contacts’ or ‘hits’, by which a customer sees and begins to build awareness and desire for a particular supplier or product.

While most brands understand the steps necessary for executing a social strategy — monitoring who’s talking about you, publishing content that resonates with your audience and reporting on your results — a successful social advertising program is much more complex than setting up an ad and letting it be.

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