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In one book I have on candlestick patterns there are at least 20 different patterns the author gives explanations for, none of these explanations detail why the pattern has formed, they just say what the market is supposed to do after a pattern has appeared.

As with a long period candlestick, a short period candlestick has short shadows at either end, indicating very little price fluctuation for example between open price and low price and between close price and high price for a bullish green candlestick.

Not only that it gives good results, I mean today only on the morning session I made half my monthly salary AFTER taxes, but dailg than that only being in the room and listening puts me in such a great mood because of the atmosphere you forex crunch eur/jpy daily forex analysis it.

With the harami pattern there is no big move, the candle is small which means hardly any traders will feel the need to close their losing trades, if only a small amount of traders are closing losing trades then a reversal cannot take place as there will not be enough orders coming into the market to push the price in the opposite direction.

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