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Small Business Victoria Understanding Marketing and Marketing for Growth workshops can help you develop a marketing action plan or refine your existing marketing plan. Next, you need to consider your advertising options: traffic exchanges, classified ads, e-mail campaigns, ezine articles, posting to forums or message boards, chatting with others who are interested in what you have to offer, and posting flyers around your town.

Because Instagram ads involve high-quality images, creative ad copy, and don’t disrupt the user’s Instagram feed, it encourages your audience to engage with your ad. Audiences can like and comment on your advertisement, and they can even follow your brand.

Also, as an employer, rather than dedicate one employee to carry over your social media campaign, you can give incentives to all your employees to participate in your social media campaign and by this reduce the cost and increase the impact of the marketing campaign.

Once you know this, and know the number and frequency of sales you derive from your average customer, you can then use your profit margin in order to calculate how much each customer is worth to you and how many customers you will need to acquire through a specific advertising campaign in order to consider it a success.

For most people it’s viral videos, finding out the latest news, or commenting on your friends holiday pictures… When in fact what it should be this is the perfect platform to market my business and to gain new customers.” And thanks to the social media advertising, there are so many ways to narrow down and project your business and brand to your absolute ideal audience.

Electronic and online advertising media – notably establishing your own website(s) and online services/product availability – can be expensive and challenging to originate and implement initially, but costs tend to be low thereafter, and can be extremely cost-effective if sensibly researched and implemented.

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